What is Cubmobile???:

If you have been to a Cubmobile race, you already know how much fun it is. If you haven't , ask someone who's been to one! Gravity-powered cars begin on a ramp and race downhill to a finish line. The race is a timed event. All scouts will have a chance to run the race several times.



On the day of the race children MUST wear long pants and a helmet that they bring!

Pack 532 , 741, & 190 Cubmobile Rules

1. (NO NAILS)-All fasteners must be screws, bolts (with caps), or lag screws
2. Car frame is made from 2 x 4 -inch construction lumber. All wood should be structurally sound and free from SPLINTERS!
3. Steering rope should be nylon and at least 1/4 inch in diameter.

4. Car must be equipped with a seat belt of some type. The belt must protect from injury if crash occurs, and will be inspected for safety

(See bottom of page for seat belt information)


6. Brake must be mounted with a 3/8-inch or larger bolt and a braking surface must be covered with rubber.

7. Wheels must be 7 to 10 inches in diameter and may have bearings. All wheels must be equipped with solid rubber tires (No Pump up inflated tires)

(See bottom of page for wheel information)

8. Each wheel must be attached to the axle with a lag bolt, screwed into the end of the axles. Lag bolts must be at least 3/8 inch in diameter and 3 1/2" inch long (no smooth axles with pins.) Axles must not rotate during the race. Anti-rotation may be accomplished using glue, U-bolts or other secure means.
9. Steering axle bolt must be at least 3/8"inch in diameter and 4 1/2"inch long and double nutted or teflon lock nut.
10. Steering blocks must be at least 3 1/2"x3 1/2" inches and no more than 1/2"inch from the main fraim and attached with screws.
11. No extra weight is to be added to the car.
12. No objects can be attached to the car that may impale a driver or pedestrian.
13. Be sure that any writing on the car is done with B.S.A. values.


The Diagram: How to build it!

The Wheels

I have received wheels for Cubmobiles - and wanted to share. The company is Northwest Molded Plastics (in Ohio), and they make some really nice wheels. The ones that I bought, are the Part Number "861-1.5" on the company's web site page http://www.comtech2000.com/Standard.htm (see picture). This is an 8" wheel, 1" wide, rounded hard rubber tread... I got Black hub with dark gray tread (black/black). I also ordered them with 3/8" diameter sealed, precision bearings. They're really smooth! Northwest also makes a 10" wheel, but there is not much stock, and it's not a high-volume product of theirs (price would be nearly double). The 8" wheels are used for wheelchairs.

Good news!!! the wheel manufacturer will accept individual orders. They prefer to receive order via e-mail, but will take phone orders. These are the black wheels with spokes: Part Number: 861-1.5 (8" diameter, 6 spoke, 1" tread - 1.5" hub width) Color: Black/Charcoal (black hub, dark gray tread) Bearing: 3/8" (special size - must specify) Price: $5.00 each (much more at retailers) Northwest Molded Plastics 14-372 CR 4 Edon, OH 43518 419-459-4414 (phone) 419-459-4333 (fax) comtech2000_1999@yahoo.com Contact: Shelly Web site: http://www.comtech2000.com Specific wheel is at: http://www.comtech2000.com/Standard.htm

Note:3/8x7inch Lag bolt threads need to be filed-down slightly. The thread-cutting process forces a little material out. The shank fits fine. Actual bearing I.D. is .374"


The Seatbelts.

Seat belts can be purchased from Auto Zone on Dover Street near Rt. 50. They are a standard seatbelt kit, costing about $5 or $10 each.

The Sample Trophies.

We have ordered our trophies from http://riherds.com

You will want to include Cubmobile Race Packs 532 &190 on all trophies.Sample trophies:

Overall Winner 2004 First Place
Winning Pack
Best Looking
Overall Winner 2004 Second Place
Judge's Choice
Most Original
Overall Winner 2004 Third Place
Best Themed Cubmobile
Best Cub Scout Colors
Bear Winner 2004 First Place Tiger Cub Winner 2004 First Place Wolf Winner 2004 First Place Webelo I Winner 2004 First Place Webelo II Winner 2004 First Place
Bear Winner 2004 Second Place Tiger Cub Winner 2004 Second Place Wolf Winner 2004 Second Place Webelo I Winner 2004 Second Place Webelo II Winner 2004 Second Place
Bear Winner 2004 Third Place Tiger Cub Winner 2004 Third Place Wolf Winner 2004 Third Place Webelo I Winner 2004 Third Place Webelo II Winner 2004 Third Place

Other Stuff.

Pack Leadership: Remember to order a port-a-john (bathroom), contact Talbottown, order hay, and starting track (provided by pack 190).

7:45 a.m. Cub Mobile Registration opens at Talbottown Center by the News Center and Rustic Inn in EASTON.

8:30 a.m. Cub Mobile Registration closes.

8:30 a.m. Cub Mobile race starts!!!

We will need help setting up and cleaning up!

*We need parents with leaf blowers and brooms to help with clean-up .

*Bring a lot of lawn and leaf garbage bags! For hay clean-up.

*We must have someone with a pick-up truck hall garbage and hay from site after clean-up!!!

*Bring one 100ft. extension cord and power strip, Duct Tape, and First Aid Kit

*Bring two stop watches

*Bring sound System (Pack 532)

*Bring US, Pack Flags, And Cub Scout Banner

*Set-Up starting Gate (Responsibility of pack 190)


*Someone make jugs of coffee, hot water, ICE, and bring money box (with $1s & 0.25)

*Bring first aid box

*Bring stickers for Scouts to wear with racer #.

*Bring a Large to Medium racing flag for starting gate and finish line flags

*Bring 4 clip boards for timers and registration helpers.


Pack 532 Top Ten Race Day Hints :

Hint 1: Have the person at the starting line hold a flag. This is a visual that the timers at the end of the track can see (If they can not hear the "GO"...this event can get pretty noisy.

Hint 2: Sell Snacks (Registration Fee is bring 5 packaged snacks/sodas)...this pays for the costs.

Hint 3: We have a mobile sound system about 150.00 that has been invaluable!

Hint:4 We always call the local newspaper and TV station to cover the event! Don't forget the pack flag for Great Press op!

Hint 5: Get on e-bay and buy a couple of hundred feet of checkered race flags/banner/pendant (about 12.00per 100ft) this makes a great finish line.

Hint 6: If you have hay... bring lots of garbage bags Lawn& Leaf . Also someone with a pick up to dispose of the Loose hay in bags. Also have anyone who has a leaf blower & large broom stay after the race...the clean up of hay is one of the hardest parts!

Hint 7: Contact the local police and see if you can get the crash dummies to visit! Also if you write to nascar or a local racer you may get a surprise visit or prize.

Hint 8: As you register each scout assign a racer number GIVE THEM A sticker "hello my name is" with that number so the timers can call the winner to the person recording the times.

Hint 9: Get Boy Scouts from the troop you feed into to be timers or the person that says...Go!

Hint 10: The more each scout gets to run their car the more fun the event. Each scout should have a minimum of two runs!!!!




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